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Interview with Stacy Hertenstein, Perfumer for P&G Herbal Essences


Have you ever wondered how scents are created for your favorite beauty products? I got the opportunity to interview Stacy Hertenstein who is a perfumer for the P & G Herbal Essences line. I have tried out the dry shampoo, shampoos and conditioner as well as the Volumizing Soufflé from the new “Naked “ line which features zero parabens, silicone and colorants and love all of the products especially the scent.

The information I found out was very interesting and how these glorious scents come into fruition is by doing a lot of research about what YOU the customer are interested in. Trends, food and fashion are also studied.

P&G has also surveyed 1000 women ages 18-35 in Canada and here are some fun statistics:

9 out of 10 women feel their daily shower is one of the few times they truly feel like they can escape.

87% agree that a shower transforms their day.

85% frequently purchase a shower product solely based on scent.

70% prefer a fruity scent compared to floral.

Women who buy shower products solely on scent consider themselves to be spontaneous, are more likely to have exercised within the past week, are more likely to have been intimate in the last month and consider themselves social.

Herbal Essences has always celebrated nature. Pure, clean and fresh are synonymous with what comes to mind. The Shine collection, within the Naked line, features white grapefruit and mint with citrus undertones.

When a fragrance is in the process of development, what the product is as well as how it will be used come into play of the design of the formula as it varies.

An expensive palette of ingredients is used. The perfumer works closely with the product team to create a compatible chemistry. Hundreds of modifications may be made during this time to perfect the look, how well it works as well as how long the results last.

After the products have been approved, they are tested on customers in the P&G technical test kitchen to see how much they are enjoyed. After approval, they get released into the marketplace so we get to enjoy them.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

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