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Nioxin Hair System Kit 6

Nioxin is known for their amazing haircare products. I recently had the opportunity to try out their #6, 3 Part System Kit which features a cleanser #6, scalp revitalizing conditioner #6 and Nioxin Scalp Treatment #6.


Photo courtesy of http://www.lookfantastic.com/nioxin-hair-system-kit-6-for-noticeably-thinning-medium-to-coarse-natural-and-chemically-treated-hair-3-products/10578810.html?
This kit is specifically designed for noticeably thinning medium, thick, natural or coloured hair. Each step is designed to thicken and strengthen each hair strand.

The cleanser is perfect for getting rid of everyday pollutants as well as residue. I personally really love the smell of all of the products Nioxin carries.

The scalp revitalizing conditioner is perfect for restoring moisture balance and the scalp treatment is formulated with antioxidants and minerals to refresh the scalp.

I have used this kit until every last possible drop could be used as the results after using this system are amazing. I would highly recommend this kit for anyone who desires to have the shiny, healthy and strong hair. Just incredible!

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