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Ontario Pharmacists Association

I recently had the pleasure of working with a very talented team to update the OPAs stock photo library and new website. As the saying goes, it takes a small village, and this project was no exception. On the client side, Betsy Nejat (Manager of Marketing and Partnerships), Lindsay George (Manager of Communications and Member Services), and Keith Ly (Graphic designer) were invaluable in charting the creative vision and handling much of the logistical considerations, including talent, pharmacists, and locations. The very talented team at Cossette designed the new website and marketing collateral that provided visual guidance throughout.

img_000008872The team and talent review images at our Loblaws pharmacy location

img_0000085521The incomparable Natalia Zurawska preps our first pharmacist model

Helping on set were a bunch of great people that made each shoot fun and efficient. I was assisted by Maggie Walker, Jamie Rosenthal, and Gen Shapira. Make-up and hair was provided by the talented Natalia Zurawska ( Talent provided by Milo Casting (



img_000008931Betsy, Manager of Marketing and Partnerships for the OPA snaps candids of our talent between takes


Each shoot and pharmacy setting presented a particular set of challenges, largely because of the real-life locations. The pharmacies were open and busy, and like most dispensaries, provided little working room. Which meant hiding lights everywhere to create the clean, bright, and contemporary look the OPA was looking for.

img_00000741Natalia Zurawska makes some final adjustments before starting to shoot at our Rexall pharmacy location

img_00000744Details, details, our pharmacy assistant is pinned and ready for her close-up

Photography by Daniel Alexander