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5 Household Items with Multi-Purpose Fabulous Uses

Hi Everyone,

My name is Natalia Zurawska. I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years. Creativity has always been in my blood and I have some great tips I would love to share with you and common household items.

Old School Shaving Foam
I discovered this one day as the main ingredients are alcohol and cleanser which means it is perfect for items that should not get wet and/or require very little drying time. Shaving foam is not just for shaving anymore.

The foam is great for cleaning shoes, as well as pre-treating stains before a wash. It works especially well on grass stains and bicycle tar. The smell is great as well. Simply take a cloth and clean and polish shoes. For tough stains on clothing, apply as soon as possible and gently rub in. Throw into the wash the next time you are doing laundry. Stains be gone!

Clear Nail Polish
Clear nail polish is great. I love applying it as a topcoat on nails. The trick is to apply to the underside of the nail as well to create a seal. This keeps manicures in tiptop shape for quite a bit longer. Painting thumbs last also prevents smudges and errors.

Got a little run in your pantyhose? Clear nail polish is perfect to stop a run in its tracks. Apply while wearing them and let dry.

Have an allergy to jewelry that you love? Simply apply a few coats of clear nail polish on the backside and let dry. It will create a seal to prevent the metal from touching sensitive skin.

Sea Salt
Perfect for seasoning food, sea salt, especially Himalayan Sea Salt is alkaline and much healthier than other varieties.

Some other great uses include adding it to warm water in a spritz bottle along with an essential oil of your choice. Braid hair loosely and spray. Let dry and finger tousle for gorgeous beach waves.

Make your own natural body scrub. Fill 2/3 of a container with sea salt, 1/3 with an oil of your liking and a few drops of an essential oil. Citrus energizes while lavender calms. Mix well. Makes skin smell and feel like new.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is truly amazing. Not only is it great for making salad dressings. It is great for digestion, weight loss, killing fungus, relieving sinus pressure as well.

Use 2/3 apple cider vinegar and 1/3 water to keep hair colour looking vibrant. It works especially well on red hair dye. After rinsing hair after dyeing, make the mixture and pour onto hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse out. The vinegar seals the pigment into hair cuticles. Rinse well again.

To get rid of a smoky smell, put out a bowl of apple cider vinegar with a little water. The smoky smell will get soaked up by the vinegar. Discard afterwards.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips.

All the best,

Natalia Zurawska

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Top 4 Mistakes Photographers Make Working with a Makeup Artist

Natalia Zurawska has been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years. Having had had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing international photographers, Zurawska has learned a thing or two from her experiences. That being said, Natalia has shared some top-notch feedback with us. Take it away, Natalia!

Many common errors can easily solve a lot of time, money as well as frustration so that every shoot is fun and seamless – no pun intended. So here are 4 of the ones I’ve noticed most in my time working with Photographers.

IMG_221. Lack of Communication

Communication is key to every relationship and a lack of it causes unnecessary stress and frustration. Creatives are a great way to build teams. A creative is when a photographer, makeup/hair artist, model and sometimes wardrobe stylist get together and collaborate on a photo shoot for their portfolio. It is also called a TFP – time for prints.

As a photographer, you are the boss. Decide what kind of shoot you would like to work on and who you would like to work with that is perfect for the job. Discuss ideas, additional expenses if they are needed and email everyone to keep them in the loop and set up a date. Also discuss if you provide prints for free or just digital files.


IMG_212. Lack of Scheduling

It is really important to find out how long it will take to do a particular hairstyle or makeup look. Also, some makeup artists just do makeup, find out if they do both makeup and hair or if you will need a separate hair person as well as an assistant if you are using more than one model. Having people standing around creates a lot of chatter and lack of focus. Make a schedule for the day of the shoot so that everything is neatly organized. This way everyone knows what is expected and runs smoothly.

3. Lack of Details

Sometimes shoots are outdoors. Make sure to let everyone know this so they may dress appropriately. If you are shooting out of town, make sure everyone has a way to get there if they don’t drive. Ask if anyone has any allergies. There are many little details like this that may be overlooked and yet make a huge difference when shooting.

IMG_044. Lack of Good Treatment

As a photographer it is up to you to provide food if it is going to be a long day. Water should always be handy. If it is cold outside, having a heater or warming gloves makes a big difference. Treating everyone well, creates amazing results and lasting relationships. Always pay on time and provide any additional expense money up front or on the day of the shoot. The more fun and positive the atmosphere, the better the experience for everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! Happy Shooting Everyone!


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