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How To Stand Out from the Crowd and Excel in Production

Hi Everyone,

My name is Natalia Zurawska and I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx for the last 10 years. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best producers and directors in the country and did I ever learn a lot.

1. Arrive on time.time

Every minute in production means money and the bigger the production, the bigger the budget. Be respectful and be early. Upon arriving introduce yourself and find the production manager who will give you a call sheet – sometimes they are emailed the night beforehand. Make sure to have a printout. The PM will then take you over to the director that will explain how the day will go, your location etc.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.

I cannot stress this enough. Equipment, props, as well as people are constantly being moved around. It can be really easy to knock something over, bump into someone. Paying attention is crucial.

3. Be organized. organized

This seems like common sense, however with the fast pace on set, it is very easy to leave behind props, equipment, makeup and more. Having a little basket if you are wardrobe stylist, a little pouch for touch ups if you do makeup and hair is key for not laying articles around. If you borrow something, please give it back.

4. Be respectful.

This is very much common sense. Everyone looks the same on set. Make sure to introduce yourself. Working with your department as a team creates great energy, and will make others want to work with you again. Staying quiet is also crucial as any noise really does disrupt takes. Listening is also very important.

5. Go the extra mile. india

If you are shooting outside, bring warming packets for gloves and share them. Ask about food allergies and ask what people like to eat if you are craft. Having a smile, strong work ethic and great attitude does wonders. I always like to follow up after the shoot and email the team to keep in touch for future work. Appreciation is a very great quality to have.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips!

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All the best,

Natalia Zurawska




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