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Beauty secrets for models revealed by Natalia Zurawska!

When working as a successful model, looking good is fundamental – but it’s not everything.

Being a model, you also need to be aware of your outer appearance and treat it carefully, it is your capital!

For this reason we enjoy our collaboration with industry make-up Stylist Natalia Zurawska, who is working as one of the best for the last 10 years.

Natalia will provide you here on with the most important tips and tricks to make sure that your beauty is shining;

Here are some of the best tips for models – Enjoy!


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1. Take care of your skin! We all know that photoshop is used so much, however there is nothing like having great skin. Drinking lots of water, getting proper sleep as well as washing your face in the morning and before bed as well as moisturizing is key. Do not drink alcohol before a shoot – it makes the makeup slide right off


2. Take great care of your teeth – brush and floss. See your dentist regularly and if needed, white strips for your teeth really do work wonders!

Picture by Arkan Zakharov

3. Do not wear nail polish or only a very nude tone – it takes forever to take off and is always required to be taken off unless there is a special shoot. Get manicures on a regular basis.

Natalia for Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, photographer: Manolo Ceron

4. I love bronzer! The best tip is to apply with a large powder brush to the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit you – forehead, nose and chin. Then I like to apply just above the cheekbones with the remainder . Just remember to apply to the body as well , such as collar bones, cleavage and a light dusting on shoulders for a uniform look. Remember to blend well and not use more than 2 shades darker of your skin tone for a natural, beautiful dose of colour.

I love the bronzer by Elizabeth Arden. It comes in a great container where you can use the “dial” to dispense as much as you want. It is also so hygienic (my favorite). I love that you can layer the bronzer as well. The first coat is lightly sun kissed, to a much more deeper look for darker skin tones.


5. I would have to say that mascara is my one makeup product I could not live without. I love the LashBlast 24 by Cover Girl. It goes on so smoothly for added length as well as volume with no clumps. It also stays put all day – no smudges!

When applying mascara, I like to use a zigzag motion and apply the regular way. I then like to saturate each lash by doing the top of the lashes and finish off application by zigzagging again by the “regular application”. Eyes really do pop. A great tip – if you are out of eye-liner – simply take an eyeliner brush and sweep it across your mascara wand – tada! (mascara now becomes eyeliner too). Apply as usual. You can also gently smudge it with a q-tip or finger for a smoky look.

Photography by Arkan Zakharov

6. They add the perfect amount of volume and wave. Let them heat up. Add mousse or heat protector to dry hair. This not only protects the hair, it gets rid of frizzies as well as keeps curl for much longer. I love ones by Tresemme. The 24 hour Body Foaming Mousse is amazing as is the Heat Tamer Protective Spray.

Brush dry hair after you have applied the mousse or heat tamer spray. Begin applying rollers from the top of your head, rolling inwards, making sure the ends are tucked in, yet not crimped. A “brick pattern” works best. The pieces of hair should easily fit the width of the roller. Secure with a clamp (included in the roller set).

Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, Photo by Manolo Ceron

Let the curlers cool – this is also a great time to start your makeup application).
Simply unroll gently, Finger tousle and spray with Tresemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray. I love Tresemme products as they work so well, and the price is fantastic. Flip head over and spray gently again. Finger tousle some more for the perfect look and leave for about 10 minutes. I always say – “Hair is like cookies” – it needs a few minutes to settle for the perfect style!

Following these precious advises, you will be ready to decide every casting for you!

And if you want to learn more from the professionals then follow these links to check out more of Natalia Zurawskas beauty secrets:

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Wedding Makeup Tips for the Bride

Your wedding is an amazing day of your life. Happy memories and time spent with loves ones is what it is all about. Minimizing stress and being prepared are the best ways to enjoy your special day. Here are some really good tricks when you are getting ready for your special day. There are also some precautions and things to avoid in order to prevent you from not having the best time.


Should I get a professional makeup artist to do my makeup?
The choice is yours. I would say yes. You want to avoid the stress of getting ready as well as your bridesmaids. Many makeup artists come to you and will meet you at the location of your choice. Getting pampered on your big day will really help you relax and have fun with your family and friends, so it is well worth the cost.

Make sure you get a trial run beforehand so there are no unpleasant surprises. Having some reference photos from the internet or magazines is a great way to show what type of look you are going for. A picture really is worth a thousand words when you are doing your trial. I would advise against going for a completely different look than how you normally wear your makeup. You still want to look like you, only enhanced.

I like to provide little wedding bags with blotting papers to soak up any oily patches and little lipsticks or glosses for lip touchups so you look picture perfect all day. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must, regardless if you say you cry or not. I also like to use the ben Nye Final Seal to mist the face so the makeup stays put all day. If you are getting married in a hot climate, the less makeup you wear, the better.

False lashes on your wedding day
False lashes are a great way to make your eyes pop on your big day. I would advise against them if you have never worn them before, as they can really feel different and you do not want red eyes or irritation in your photos. If you cry a lot, the glue may become unstuck and really make a mess of the makeup.

However, if you really like the added touch that false lashes give, I would suggest individuals or half lashes. This way the chances of irritation or them falling off are minimized.

Waxing and Special Facial Treatments
Never wax your eyebrows or get a new skin treatment the day before your wedding. You do not know how your skin will react. These treatments and waxing should be done at least a week beforehand. the last thing you need is a rash on your wedding day. Plan a few weeks before hand with a girlfriend, to relax and enjoy.

Spray Tanning
A spray tan is a great addition to the way you look on your wedding day. Just be sure to go for a light setting if you are pale. You want to look glowing, not orange. Also, if your spray tan is really dark, your husband-to-be may look extremely pale and sickly in the photos, which does not look great. If he is really pale, try to convince him to go for a light setting as well. Some men find this very “feminine” so you do not need to tell anyone. Try to convince your bridesmaids to go with you as well so everyone will look uniform.

Plan your sunless tanning session well in advance, just in case you may have a reaction to it. the chances are small, but still not worth the risk. Avoid swimming and shaving for 48 hours. A spray tan should last between 7 and 10 days.

If you want to do your sunless tanning yourself, there are so many great products out on the market as well. Just make sure to exfoliate really well beforehand and apply cream to your hairline, knees, elbows and other dryer spots as the self-tanner tends to absorb more colour in those areas. Get a friend or your husband-to-be to apply it for you so you do not miss any spots.

Now that you are looking gorgeous, just enjoy your big wedding day!


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Thanks to Fusion Events for wedding planners for this article

Best Holiday Makeup and Hair Tips

[Image Credit:,,]

Nothing says the holidays are coming than lots of parties! And as we all know, parties involve lots of dressing up and primping. Contrary to what you may expect, looking and feeling your best does not have to be time-consuming or costly. Enjoy these beauty tips to meet the festive season in style and worry-free:

1. Too avoid looking too “made-up”, go for smoky eyes and muted lips look, or vice versa – natural eye make-up complemented by bright lips.

One of my staple products is “Big Beautiful Eyes” by Benefit.  This palette is truly amazing.  It contains an allover base eye shadow (the lightest shade), as well as contour and liner shadows. Concealer is also included, and I find it matches 90% of Caucasian skin tones. It also comes with a mirror and instructions, both of which come in very handy.  I love that the allover shadow can also be used as a highlight for the brow bone, and the dark liner can be used to fill in brows, as well as smoky eyes touch up for later on in the evening.  The colours are gorgeous and look great.

big beautiful eyes

Trade secret: apply concealer to eyelids to keep makeup on for hours.

2.  To make eyes really “pop”, nothing makes them look more gorgeous than some false lashes.  #20s by M.A.C are perfect, as they are only “half” lashes that are applied to the outer ends.  Apply Duo Surgical Adhesive to the lash (the heaviest part of the lash goes on the outer end of your eye).  Let the glue set for a few seconds and apply as close to your eye line as possible, so that the falsies fit into your natural lashes.  Follow with curling the falsies and your natural lashes, and finish off with some mascara.  Don’t forget your eyeliner, as it blends the lash line.  I prefer a “smudged eyeliner” look, which is easily achieved with a q-tip. It works for every eye shape, as well as women of all ages.  For added drama, you can always line not only the “tarsal plate” – the lower inner eye line – but the top inner eye line as well.

Exact Eyelights by Cover Girl are amazing eyeliners that go on so smoothly and evenly.  And, they can be smudged too! The pigment is so vibrant and the price just can’t be beat.  The eyeliners are also available in different shades to compliment any eye colour.

24 Hour Lash Blast Mascara by CoverGirl is my favourite mascara.  Not only does it define, add length and volume to lashes, it also stays on, yet is easy to remove by nighttime.  Apply in a zig-zag motion from root to tip.  I also like to take the wand and apply to the top of the lash line for added drama, and finish off by using the wand vertically to separate and coat lashes yet again.

24 hours lash blast mascara covergirl

3. After all the hustle and bustle of running around visiting friends and family, and going holiday shopping, nothing makes me feel better than a little boost of colour with blush. There are so many variations today – powder, stain, crème.  Crème is great, if you have dry skin.  It just depends on personal preference, as I am a HUGE lover of blush.  For the perfect application, apply the product to the apples of cheeks when you are smiling, and blend well in an upward motion for a natural rosy look.

4. Nothing feels better in winter than feeling warm and cozy.  After bath or shower, add some instant luxury by heating up some body cream.  Simply put the amount you will use in a little microwave safe tupperware container or bowl and heat for about 20 seconds.  Make sure to test a little on your wrist to prevent burns.  Apply to body, elbows and feet.  The warmth feels oh so decadent!  In summer months, I like to keep my cream in the fridge.

I love the Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion by the Body Shop.  It just adds a touch of summer, smells and moisturizes so well!

5. For perfect lips, apply your favourite lip balm after brushing your teeth at night.  I also keep a spare toothbrush during the cold weather months and use it just for sloughing off skin from my lips.  Apply lip balm again. By morning, your lips are impeccable again!

I love Burt’s Bees products.  They have a variety of excellent lip balms in a tin or in a container tube. Burt’s Bees products are all natural and 100% effective.

“Almost Lipstick” by Clinique is truly awesome.  It is extremely moisturizing and the colour is merged with your own natural lip tone to create the perfect unique shade.  You can also apply lightly for a sheer look or layer for a more opaque look.

6. Having great hair shouldn’t require a lot of time or money. I recently tried the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl and I can’t stop raving about it.  To style hair, simply spray in a heat protector – I love the one by Tresemme, it smells great, protects hair, gets rid of fly aways, and promotes shine, while the curler heats up.  It only takes about 30 seconds!

Take the curler and simply add a straight strand.  You can choose a tight curl or a loose wave.  Press the button, and your hair automatically spins in. Three beeps later, you release, and you have the most beautiful curls that also last.  I am so impressed!  Continue until your whole head is complete.

conair infiniti pro

The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl has two different heat levels, three timer settings (depending on the size of curl and type of hair) and beeps to let you know when you are done.  It also automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. This is a keeper for sure.  Hair salon results without the price tag. To finish, simply spray with a little Tresemme Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray and finger tousle.

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